Ichitaro Azumaya & Mitsu Azumaya





息の合った掛け合い、夫婦 二人三脚で紡ぐ浪花節は古典だけに留まらず、「一太郎の浅草案内」「シートン動物記~オオカミ王ロボ」などの新作浪曲で、浪曲の魅力を知らない世代にも親しまれる芸を目指している。

2018年11月に主催した東家一太郎 いち・かい 第7弾 「浪曲の明日」公演にて平成30年度(第73回)文化庁芸術祭 新人賞(大衆芸能部門)を受賞。

He was born in 1978 in Hyakunin-cho, Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo. He graduated from Waseda University, Faculty of Letters, Department of Japanese Literature.

Enchanted by the breathing of rokyoku and shamisen, he became a disciple of Urataro AZUMAYA II in July 2007. He is a younger member of rokyoku-shi (rokyoku performer) who actives at Asakusa MOKUBATEI and in his study group.

Ai-shamisen, syamisen player, is his wife, Mitsu AZUMAYA. Currently, there is only one pair of rokyoku couples that the husband is a rokyoku master and the wife is a shamisen player.

Naniwabushi, which is a combination of harmonious words and is spun by a married couple, is not only a classic, but also a new style of rokyoku, such as “Ichitaro’s guide to Asakusa” and “Seton Zoo: The King of the Wolf, Robo”, aiming to be popular among the generation who do not know the charm of rokyoku.

In 2018 November 2018, he received the Rookie of the Year Award of The 73th Arts Festival of the Agency for Cultural Affairs, by the 7th performance of “Tomorrow of Rokyoku”.