• 〇〇県出身
  • 0000年生まれ


Born in San Francisco, California. She wanted to be a pianist, but at the age of 14, she was fascinated by the overwhelming nature of Yosemite National Park, which she visited with her family for the first time, and began to photograph. In 1930, I met the photographer Paul Strand and began aiming for straight photography. In 1932 formed Edward F. Weston and Imogen Cuningham et al. “Group F64”, and proposed a straight picture.
Pursuing the possibility of photography based on the original idea of “visualization” of images and the concept of “equivalent” of Alfred Stiglitz. Adams’s works range from landscapes to familiar environments, portraits, buildings and natural objects, but they have brought out the essence of the subject and enhanced their aesthetic value.
While working as a photographer, he joined the Sierra club at the age of 17 and was active in protecting the natural environment, serving as a long-time director and a lifetime member.
In addition, he established Friends of Photography in 1967 (dissolution in 2001), and will focus on promoting and educating photographs. Decided to stop printing in 1975. Help establish the University of Arizona Center for Creative Photography. Their negatives and works are stored and managed in the same place.