Fugensha is a communication space run by a printing company.

Fugensha is a communication space established by the Watanabe Art printing company Co., Ltd. on 22 November 2014,in Tokyo, Tsukiji. It is a gallery, a book cafe ,and an event space, and since 2016 an art book publisher.

Since the Watanabe Art Printing Company Co., Ltd. was established in 1950, we have been engaged in making books through the printing business.
We would like to create a place where writers,editors,viewers and readers can naturally meet.
This is the reason why Fugensha was established.

We hope that something new will emerge from the meeting of people exchanging with each other. We make our best to provide a comfortable place for you all.


How to use

You can enjoy exhibits in the gallery, encounter unknown books, listen to concerts, and have meetings over a cup of coffee...
There are people who visit for various purposes. Please make yourself at home in your own way.

As a Gallery

There is a new exhibition every two or three weeks.
In order to deepen the interaction between artists and viewers through the works, we are actively planning to organize talk shows by exhibiting artists.

As a publishing company

The publishing department was established in 2016. Fugensha creates books with the artists.
Producing, selling, distributing, involving itself into the whole process of making a book.
Making use of the printing technology we have developed over many years, we mainly produce photo books and art books.

As a bookcafe

The books in our shop have been selected under the theme "Books that are universally required regardless of the times".
You can get a feeling of a book sitting in the cafe, looking at it before you buy it, so please check it slowly while having a cup of coffee.

As an event hall

The author's talk shows, traditional performing arts, drawing workshops, art salons, etc.
We hold various events regardless of category.
We hope it will be a chance for some to experience a new culture.

Shop information

Kaoru Sekine
Shimomeguro 5-3-12 ,Megoro-ku, Tokyo 153-0064, Japan
Operating Hours
Tuesday-Friday 12:00-19:00
Saturday-Sunday 12:00-18:00
Take the Tokyu Bus from the west exit of JR Meguro Station, get off at the bus stop "Moto Keibajo Mae" and walk for 1 minute.
It takes 15 minutes walk from JR Meguro Station.

Parent Company

Watanabe Art Printing Company Co., Ltd.

It was established in Sapporo, Hokkaido in 1950 by founder Minoru Watanabe.
Kaoru Sekine, his daughter, has taken over and the main factory is now in Sakura-ku, Saitama City.
As a leader in information culture, we will contribute to society by creating products that impress customers.

In 1950
Capital Stock
Kaoru Sekine
Minamimotojuku2-24-6,Sakura-ku,Saitama-shi,Saitama 〒338-0831
Number of
15 minute walk from Saikyo Line Minamiyono Station
20 minute by bus from KeihinTohoku Line Urawa Station