ART SALON at Fugensha Part.9
What is surrealism?

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ふげん社では、アーティストや鑑賞者、さまざまな国の人たちが、それぞれの垣根を超えてアートについて自由に語り合う場「ART SALON at Fugensha」を、毎月開催しています。



「ART SALON at Fugensha」は皆さんと作り上げていく場です。




ART SALON at Fugensha Part.9




Presenting Artist:

Moeka Iida   &  Cato Canari(DJ)


Moeka Iida and Cato Canari’s visual+musical collage: what is surrealism?

会場: コミュニケーションギャラリーふげん社
〒104-0045 東京都中央区築地1-8-4 築地ガーデンビル 2F




Cato Canari

DJ音楽プロデューサー、Cato Canari (カトー.カナリ)、本名カトー.ストラムズヴィックは、ノルウェーのオスロ大学で美術史を学んだのちロンドン美術大学チェルシーカレッジのファインアート科を卒業。主に写真やサウンドなどデジタル表現の作品を作る。デビューアルバム12″インチ「Out of Tune」(ドラムアイランド/ソネット/ユニバーサル ミュージック)や、EP 12″「Baby(I Love You So)」(Jet Set Records / Japan)など、そしてBeatportとSpotifyから幅広く楽曲をリリースしている。



飯田さんは今年の8月に、Launch Pad Galleryにて初めての個展を開催しました:








Fugen hosts a monthly “ART SALON at Fugensha” where artists, viewers and people from various countries can freely talk about art across their borders.

We invite guest artists to present their works every time and set up a simple talk theme.
Participants are free to talk about talk themes and presentations.

We would like you to come regardless of your nationality, so we are operating in two languages, English and Japanese.

“ART SALON at Fugensha” is a place where we can work together to create something.
Please feel free to join us if you want to exchange ideas about art, seek new topics or encounters in art, change your mind, or find opportunities to speak English.

Even if you are not good at speaking English, we welcome those who want to talk about art.

ART SALON at Fugensha Part.8

October 29th (Tue) 19:00〜 20:30

¥1,500 ※ 1 drink and onigiri free

Communication gallery Fugensha
〒104-0045 Tsukiji GardenBuilding 2F 1-8-4 tsukiji chuou-ku Tokyo
Tel : 03-6264-3665 email :

・Presenting Artist:

Moeka Iida(Painter) & Cato Canari(DJ)


Moeka Iida and Cato Canari’s visual+musical collage: what is surrealism?


Cato Canari

Cato Canari, or Cato Strømsvik as is his real name, studied History of Art at the University of Oslo and got his BA in Fine Art from Chelsea College of Art and Design, University of the Arts London. He has been working in the field of photography, sound and digital expression since the 90s. A DJ, remixer and producer from Norway, living in Tokyo. Released “Out of Tune” debut album and 12” (Drum Island/Sonet/Universal Music), “Baby (I Love You So)” EP 12” (Jet Set Records/Japan) and a wide catalogue of material on Beatport and Spotify, last release; Silent Treatment (Delusive Disco, 2019).

Moeka Iida

Moeka Iida is a new artist based in Tokyo, Japan. She lived in the U.K, Canada, and Mexico, and speaks fluent English and Japanese. Her drawings that combine different objects and motifs express her keen interest in surrealist art and the exploration of the subconscious mind.

Moeka held her first exhibition in August 2019 at Launch Pad Gallery:


・How to join

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When making an appointment, please inform us of : number of participants, name(s), contact information and phone number. Thank you.

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