王露個展「Frozen are the Winds of Time:A journey back to the present」が韓国・ソウルにて開催


韓国・ソウルのアートギャラリー「FF Seoul」にて、王露個展「Frozen are the Winds of Time:A journey back to the present」が開催されます。

弊社から写真集を刊行した『Frozen are the Winds of Time』の作品に加え、2023年の夏に4年ぶりに王露が中国太原市に帰郷した際の撮り下ろし作品を展示します。それらは『Frozen are the Winds of Time』シリーズに使用していた残りの期限切れのフィルムを使って撮影されました。

『Frozen are the Winds of Time』を通して、脳に障害を抱えた父、父と共に暮らす母、そして急速に発展する都市と、変わらない市民たちを見つめた王露。本展は、家族と都市の、現在・過去・未来を繋ぐ展示になります。




Wang Lu’s solo exhibition “Frozen are the Winds of Time: A journey back to the present” will be held at FF Seoul, an art gallery in Korea.
In addition to works from “Frozen are the Winds of Time,” a book of photographs published by Fugensha, the exhibition will also feature new works taken during Wang Lu’s return to Taiyuan City, China in the summer of 2023, after a four-year absence.
Photo book”Frozen are the Winds of Time” will be on sale at the venue.
Everyone in Korea is cordially invited to visit the exhibition!

〈Artist’s Statement〉

“Frozen are the Winds of Time: A Journey back to the present” is a collection of photographs I took from 2019 to 2023, depicting my rapidly developing hometown. The series portrays a family tormented by fate through a blend of past, present, and future light.
My father, who lives in his hometown, has been suffering an incurable brain damage after a car accident when I was 12 years old. Since then, he lost his sense of time. Even I come home to visit him every year, he often mistakes me for someone else.
On the other hand, in recent years, the “city construction project” promoted by the new mayor has brought a big change to my hometown. But compared with the changed city, most people there seem to speak and dress in the same way as a decade ago. They stay unchanged and there’s a stark contrast between them and the city. In my father’s mind, I might be or am always a student attending a primary school in my hometown. But in reality I live in a world parallel to his. For him, I may have already become a stranger.
Taking pictures of my father and my hometown has given me a chance to face what I had been trying to escape from in my childhood. And I have found that my father, who lives in a different time from the real world, and those who lives in a fast developing city, share the same mind-set. The wind of time has continued to blow, but nothing has ever changed.
“A Journey Back to the Present” consists of photographs I took in the summer of 2023, returning to my hometown after four years. Due to the pandemic, I couldn’t go back home for four years. I used the remaining film from the “Frozen are the Winds of Time” series to capture the changes during my absence. Although the film was expired, it condensed the passage of time and brought me back to the present.

■Exhibition information

Wang Lu
“Frozen are the Winds of Time: A journey back to the present”
Period: 2024.06.20(Thu) – 2024.07.18(Thu)
Venue: FF

Ba 325, Sewoon Arcade, 159, Cheonggyecheon-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea

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■Book information

Wang Lu“Frozen are the Winds of Time”

Contribution: Ai Iwane (Photographer), Jia Zhangke (Film director)
Book design: Satoshi Machiguchi
Publication: Fugensha

Price: 6,600 yen (6,000 yen + tax)

Format: A4 size (227 x 256 mm)
Binding: Bound in cloth with two cover designs
Number of pages: 184
Language: Japanese, Chinese, English
Publication date: October 22, 2022
isbn 978-4-908955-18-1

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