Sho Niiro


  • 神奈川県横浜市出身
  • 1982年生まれ



主な写真集に『山谷』(2011、Zen Foto Gallery)、『Another Side』(2012、リブロアルテ)、『Tsukiji Zero』(2015、ふげん社)『PEELING CITY』(2017、同)がある。

現在、新潮社電子書籍『yom yom』に写真都市論「東京デストロイ・マッピング」連載中。

Born in Yokohama in 1982. He graduated from Azabu Gakuen and dropped out of Waseda University’s School of Advanced Science and Engineering, Department of Applied Physics.
In 2000, he was shocked by the works of Ikko NARAHARA and decided to pursue photography.
Since then, he has been working as a photographer based in Tokyo with the theme of disappearing cities.
For 2 years from 2009, Mr. Takehiko Nakafuji worked as a member of “Nieps”, an independent gallery in Yotsuya, Shinjuku.
For 6 years from 2007, he worked as a reporter at a makeshift lodging house in Sanya, and as a result, he became Japan’s first crowdfounder and published a photo collection in 2012.
He worked as a security guard at Tsukiji Market for 2 years from 2014.

After working as a lecturer at a workshop at the Kawasaki City Citizen’s Museum, since June 2018 he has been teaching digital photography as a supervisor and lecturer at the “digital laboratory Papyrus”.

His main collections of photographs are ‘Sanya’ (2011, Zen Foto Gallery), ‘Another Side’, (2012, Rib Rote) ‘Tsukiji Zero’, (2015, Fugen) ‘PEELING CITY’ and (2017, same).

Currently, he is writing a series of ‘yom yom’ “Tokyo Destroy Mapping”, an ebook published by Shinchosha.