Utsu Yumiko


  • 1978年東京都生まれ

写真集に『はこぶねのそと』(アートビートパブリッシャーズ、2009年)、ジンに『PORTRAIT』『うつつのゆめ』『Charming Charms』他多数。

Born in Tokyo in 1978. After studying briefly at Waseda University in Tokyo, she completed the professional photography course at the Tokyo School of Photography.
Working at Shoto Studio shortly later, she began her career as a photographer.She in 2006 won the Grand Prix of the 26th Hitotsubo-Ten(3.3㎡ exhibit) contest,
known as a gateway to success for aspiring young photographers. She has since had many exhibitions in and outside Japan. She has her photography book, “OUT of ARK” (also known as “Hakobune no Soto” in Japanese), published by Art Beat Publishers in 2009. She also has produced on her own many new-style booklets, including “Utsutsu no Yume (Dream of Real Life)” and”Charming Charms”. Continuing to create her own unique photography, she currently teaches as a lecturer at the School of Photography and offers her own photography lessons.