Wang Lu


  • 1989年中国山西省生まれ



主な賞歴に、KG+SELECT Awards(2022) 、Portrait of Japan 入賞(2021)、LensCulture Critics’ Choice 2020 Award(2020)、Reminders Photography Stronghold「COVID-19 パンデミック」公募展最優秀賞(2020)、キヤノン第2回SHINES入選(2019)、キヤノン写真新世紀佳作 (2019)、第20回写真「1_WALL」ファイナリスト(2019)など。2022年、British Journal of Photographyが選ぶ今年注目の写真家に選出された。

主な展示に、「Frozen are the Winds of Time」ふげん社(東京·2021)、「Now here,Now there.」Reminders Photography Stronghold(東京·2020)。


2022『Frozen are the Winds of Time』(詳細はこちら



2021.9.16-10.3 「Frozen are the winds of time」(詳細はこちら

2022.12.6- 12.25  「Frozen are the Winds of Time」刊行記念展(詳細はこちら

Wang Lu was born in 1989 in Shanxi, China. She graduated from Musashino Art University, Faculty of Art and Design, Department of Imaging Arts, and received her MA in Inter-Media Art from University of the Arts, in Tokyo.Visualizing moments that usually pass unnoticed, memories, and daily life, she creates stories and fictional narratives using photographic media, exhibiting at galleries and museums in Japan and around the world.

Her awards include KG+SELECT Awards (2022), Portrait of Japan (2021), LensCulture Critics’ Choice (2020), Reminders Photography Stronghold “COVID-19 Pandemic” Open Call Exhibition Grand Prize (2020), Canon Ginza Presents Shines Award(2019), Canon New Cosmos of Photography Honorable Mention (2019), and 20th “1_WALL” Photography Finalist(2019). This year she is selected one of 15 “ONES TO WATCH” artists out of 500 nominations.

Major exhibitions include “Frozen are the Winds of Time” (Fugensha, Tokyo, 2022) and “Now here, Now there” (Reminders Photography Stronghold, Tokyo, 2020). “Now here, Now there.” was published by RPS in 2020.”Frozen are the winds of time” was published by Fugensha in 2022.


2022 The British Journal of Photography ‘Ones to Watch’

2022 Athens Photo Festival Shortlist

2022 KG+SELECT Awards

2021 Portrait of Japan Award Shortlist

2020 LensCulture Critics’ Choice 2020 Awards(Michael Famighetti Choice)

2020 Reminders Photography Stronghold ‘COVID-19 Pandemic’ Best Choice

2019 Canon Ginza Presents Shines Award

2019 New Cosmos of Photography, Honorable Mention Award(Rineke Dijkstra)

2019 20th “1_WALL” Photography Finalist

2014 Travel Photographer of the Year, International Photography Awards China


2022 Frozen are the winds of time

2020 Now here,Now there